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World of Warcraft

Emerald Nightmare Heroic

Iax GM posted Thu at 22:31

Legion raiding has finally arrived. Mythic up next.

Emerald Nightmare Heroic

Mythic Archimonde

Iax GM posted Oct 15, 15

Archimonde Dead.

Mythic Archimonde

Xhul'horac & Tyrant Velhari

Iax GM posted Aug 25, 15

Velhari down.

Mythic Tyrant Velhari

Xhul'horac died a couple weeks ago.

Mythic Xhul'horac

Fel Lord Zakuun

Iax GM posted Jul 30, 15

Zakuun Dead.

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun

Iskar and Socrethar Down

Melchey posted Jul 25, 15


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